About Me

Susanne Beucher paints and draws characters inbetween the areas of abstraction & figuration. She toys with humorous and supposedly simple forms of expression. Through use of acrylic paint, spray paint & elements of collage she works with detail and in layers on her seemingly innocent visuals that are populated by accentuated, adorable creatures. On a second glance the ambiguity of the abyssal & playful world of thought that the artist displays becomes apparent. The comic-like motives are taken out of it‘s context and are worked into new visual compositions which bears resemblance to “Streetart”. Finds & symbols from everyday life are developed into a complex vocabulary of her own, which emotionally and energetically aims for the core of those things. Beucher uses painting and color as lifeblood; as her tools in the fight for survival in the steadily complicating world of day to day life. The artist fabricates a purposefully subconcious and blunt artistic experience, which works indepedent of age, gender and culture.

– Susanne Beucher, born in 67, lives and works in Cologne in color